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Covid- What we get asked regulary

What a year we have all had Covid-19 really did change everything.

I have been asked so many times what flowers do I have in store because customers are being mislead into thinking that the varieties are limited which is not the case.

Although we get our flowers from Holland our flowers come from many other countries all over the world, Holland is just a hub where all the flowers arrive to then be distributed out again.

When covid hit and every country started to shut down the growers of flowers found it easier to throw flowers away rather than fly them to holland to then not be sold at auction.

As a result of this and the catch up for the growers when countries started to open again the price of certain varieties have been fluctuating from week to week. This has a knock-on affect to the florist then pricing their flowers.

Millions of flowers destroyed amid coronavirus outbreak in the Netherlands – Bing video

On average we have seen a 20% increase in flowers overall with some flowers up in price by up to 100% this does not mean that we are limited to what we can get because so far other than price some weeks I have not had a problem getting many varieties in our shop I may have had to adjust to try and give our customers the best value we can without compromising on our own styles.

We are very much open and delighted to see our existing and new customers, and we very much hope that we are all on track to stay open . We are so grateful to have been delivering all the way through the lockdowns I believe that through our deliveries the messages of love have been greatly appreciated by your loved ones.

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