Wedding flowers and what you need to know before you speak to your florist.

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Before you speak to your florist think about what you need from your florist.

Also think of your flowers in the same way you shop for your dress, your venue, your food. Flowers are an especially important part of your big day and should not be thought of as an after thought you need to have a realistic budget the same way you do for all of the above.

The worst thing you can do is message or email a florist and ask for a price for your flowers when they have no idea of the following factors.

  • The date of your wedding.
  • Where is your venue.
  • Your style of wedding.
  • Your colour scheme.
  • What you physically need on the day for yourself and your venue

Do not email saying do you have a price list because the type of flower that you may want may not be season and this will have an affect on price.

Price of flowers

The price of flowers can vary depending on season, demand and the time of year.

Many retail florists will not take bookings for flowers for weddings around Valentines, Mother’s Day or Christmas because they are simply too busy. This is where you would need a wedding event florist.

Do not forget the amount of work florists will put into your flowers and everything behind the scenes.

  • Your consultations (there will be more than one)
  • Costing your flowers and sourcing
  • Designing your flowers
  • Transport and travelling to your churches and venues
  • The many emails and phone calls in between to make sure you are happy with what you have chosen.
  • You changing your mind on what you need or require.
  • The hours of work it takes to put everything together from conditioning flowers to making bouquets and buttonholes and anything else you require.

Your florist will put as much effort into what she does as your chef who is making your food.

The worst thing you can do is treat your wedding flowers as a last minute I have ticked that off my list and not accounted for all the work you are getting from your florist. Budget your flowers the same way you do for your dress, venues, cars, food because I can guarantee we do more work than any other business who you have chosen for your big day.

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